Business & Retail

From small to large office complexes, a windturbine can provide your office with a green image and make you save money on your energy bill. 
The electrical supply for your office heating, cooling and lightning can be provided by a turbine, for example.

Transport sector or a car pool of electrical cars for your employees? Use windturbines to recharge your vehicles on site.

For stores and supermarkets, reduce your carbon footprints with a turbine.
Allow your cooling and freezer installations to run most of the time on green energy, day and night. 

Even charge all those electrical pallet trucks on green energy for your warehouses and distribution centers.

Mobile towers can even be made independent of the energy grid by adding a windturbine, combined with a small batterypack,  to the tower.

A series of V75 turbines on a large shopping complex.

A V20 turbine and solar panels on an office building.

Visualisations made with building models taken from the Sketchup 3D Warehouse

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