The non-hydraulic Quantum series

The Quantum turbine series consists of power range from 1 kW to 10 kW.

Because there are no externally rotating parts, there is no drop shadow. The exoskeleton, the characteristic wind conductors of the Quantum, guide the wind inwards towards it rotor section. This means that the same always remains outside static completely stand still.

The non-hydraulic Quantum series

These turbines run from above and from bottom on magnet ball bearings. because of this there are considerably fewer friction losses compared to  traditional axle arrangements. Further optimization is done by it use of light weight aircraft aluminium and recycled plastic.

With a low weight, ranging from 25 kg for the 1kW, 400 kg for a 5 kW and 860kg for a 10kW, these units are suitable to place on roofs. A solar panel weighs for comparison, without ballast, approximately 20 kg per 300 Wp.

The Quantum turbines also take less place on a roof. These are on towers placed on the roof of at least 1 m height. This allows for several turbines to place on a roof or to combine it with for example other technical installations on your roof.
A 10kW turbine has approximately a roof surface area of ​​25m².

The turbines can be stacked up to 3 modules!

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