Cyclone turbine. Large scale power generation. Starting from 1 MW up to 12 MW installations

Features & Benefits

  • Highest industry capacity factor translating to significantly increased investment returns
  • Lowest Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) in industry
  • 30% less annual O&M costs than industry standard
  • Monitoring sensors providing ‘real time’ data for optimum performance and reduced downtime
  • System incorporates Trojan batteries that charge with prevailing winds enabling the use of energy on demand thereby levelizing consumption
  • Available in both 50Hz and 60Hz versions for global suitability


  • Cut-in speed = Under 1.5m/s (3 mph)
  • No cut-out speed as an air choke is utilized to limit airflow during wind speeds above 11m/s (24.6mph), providing max output in high winds by regulating the airflow through a mechanical louver system near the core of the turbine
  • Blade material = Aircraft aluminum with survival speed in excess of 65m/s with use of air choke
  • 100% functionality of generators in temperatures below 40°C. Includes a cooling system contained within converter enclosure to maintain temperatures below 40°C. Generators will operate in temperatures above 135°C with slightly reduced power generation

Highest Capacity and Lowest Cost of Energy

Highest Industry Capacity Factor: .599% @ 7.5m/s
(15% greater than leading competitor)
• AEP = 8,391,455 kWh
• Lowest Industry Cost of Energy1 = $.019/kWh
• Annual O&M Costs = $32/kW
(30% less than leading competitor)
• Anticipated Project IRR2 = ≥ 30%
(Breakeven Point = Between Years 3 – 4)

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