For Hydropower solutions we are pleased to refer you to our partners at EQA Energy.


The EQA-Weir is a solution for weirs which are in need of replacement or renovation. A fully automated weir with built in self powered measurement systems, and constructed mainly from recycled plastics.

The EQA-Weir generates clean energy with an efficient and ecologically friendly EQA-Waterwheel and is already functional with very low heads from 25cm.


The EQA-River is a floating hydropower installation, easily installed and used in rivers and other high velocity waters worldwide.

Due to its efficient design and by using chiefly recycled plastics for the construction, the EQA-River is able to produce clean energy at economical rates.

The applied EQA-Waterwheel is enviornment friendly due to its low rotational speed as well due to automatically adjustmenting itself along with thedirection of the current.


Designed to be easily applied to existing
structures, the EQA-Box allows weirs and other water works to be easily transformed into an energy producing smart object in a water system, without the need for a full renovation.