The Hive - Integrated solution

The Hive is a solution for local energy generation on roofs of offices & apartments.
The hive is a combination of an upper roof arrangement for solar panels, preferably in an east / west arrangement, and the Quantum turbines. There is the possibility to use the 3kW to 10kW series.
Unlike other systems, we can install several turbines per surface. We just have to provide that on each side of the turbine there is an opening of about 3/4 of the diameter of the turbine.
The construction for the PV panels can be carried out with and without wind conductors. These wind guides have a rather more aesthetic function, since the Quantum turbines themselves are equipped with wind catchers.
The system of the roof construction is modular and has a simple expandability. Furthermore, this construction also allows other building techniques, such as air handling units, to be integrated into the installation. We only have to take into account the placement of the turbines and any regulations of maintenance zones of your other devices.
We recommend equipping every Hive with a battery system to use your energy as profitably as possible.

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