V3 Vortex turbine. Power generation up to 28.000kWh/year depending on windspeed.

  • The Vortex incorporates an internally manufactured 12-phase generator that utilizes magnetic bearings providing a friction-free operation
  • The Vortex magnets allow the turbine to float thus reducing wear and tear and providing a long product life
  • The Vortex does not need yaw mechanisms, rudders, or downwind coning; the “Vortex’s” turbine is simply one moving piece
  • The Vortex provide its owners with a $35/kW annual maintenance expense, over 30% less than industry standard
  • The Vortex is technically rated and sound up to 209km/h (58m/s) wind speeds and produces minimal vibrations and virtually no noise
  • The Vortex’s blades are composed of lightweight T-6061 aircraft aluminum, are encased in an exoskeleton providing protection from nature’s elements and the fatigue issues associated with high wind speeds
  • The Vortex’s blades eliminate the detriment of shearing off during operation and pose no hazard to wildlife because it is a stationary object.

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