Due to Covid-19 we work by appointment only. You can contact us through the Contact Us section.

While we prefer video conferences, we remain avaible for regular meetings with the nessecary safety measures as listed by the local goverments.

A conceptual animation of our Hive Concept

A conceptual animation of our E-Bike charging station


Wingardium-Energy is pleased to announce we are able to offer our clients ClearVue PV, within the Benelux.

You can contact us for all your needs regarding clear solar window solutions. 
For more information regarding this product, we refer you to ClearVue PV's website.


Who is Wingardium-Energy

Wingardium-Energy is a Flemish startup, founded in 2017.
We are the official distributor of the American Kohilo wind turbines within Europe.
We also try to offer that little bit extra and we can provide support for multiple energy generation, energy storage, management & monitoring.

What can you expect from us

An honest, out of the box, approach for your energy requests.
What do we have in our arsenal:

  1. New generation of vertical axis wind turbines;
  2. Integrated solutions for wind & sun on roofs;
  3. Energy storage with management system and monitoring platform;
  4. Using a forgotten energy source, namely small watercourses and rivers, by using a fish-friendly water turbine.

Official dealer for Europe of KOHILO Wind Turbines

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