Concept of a Green Fuelling Station.

The core of the Hydrogen fuelling station is a Cyclone Turbine. The construction of the Cyclone is designed so that the space beneath the turbine is optimally used as the fuelling lane for hydrogen vehicles.
The Cyclone has a hydraulic storage system, placed in the container pit closest to the station. This hydraulic storage system allows for a constant power output and even cover a limited time of reduced production or production standstill due to lack of wind.

This hydraulic storage is the main power source for the Hydrogen Electrolysis system, found in the next container pit. Here the production and storage of hydrogen takes place. This station will only access the grid power when the hydraulic storage is depleted.
Because we use the hydrogen for the station there is little transportation loss.

As an additional service the fuelling station is also equipped with charging pillars. The main advantage of these charging pillars is that they are equipped with built in batteries. This means we are able to provide a fast charge with a limited power connection.

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