1 MW to 12 MW Cyclone Turbines

The Cyclone Turbines - With hydraulic storage up to 12 months.

The Cyclone series is an alternative to the known windmills. These turbines are made to measure and range from 1 MW to 12 MW. I.p.v. depending on the more powerful wind in the higher wind layers, the Cyclone work turbines by catching the wind on the largest possible vertical surface.

Internally there is a turbine for each "floor" that, independently of the rest, has energy induces. This keeps the system as a whole operational, even if a turbine fails is.

The electricity here is not directly generated by the turbines. The turbines each drive an individual hydraulic pump. These pumps feed one set of accumulators and store the potential energy without large losses. The hydraulic accumulators are controlled by output manifolds.
These control the hydraulic pressure that drives the generators in order to be as constant as possible obtain electrical output. Even with changing wind speeds. This controlled current output can be fed directly to transformers, because of the low variation in frequency, voltage and power. A little less conversion losses. The hydraulic system has a energy storage capacity from 800kWh to what is needed for the client and or project.

The entire hydraulic system is provided in a material container. Because of this there is no special transportation required. Furthermore, this  centralizes all components in one place, for ease of installation, maintenance, monitoring, etc ...

To make the comparison in dimensions, a 3 MW Cyclone has a diameter on the base of 130m and a total height of 140m. The new generation of windmills, with horizontal ones shaft, with the same installed capacity have a mast height of 143m and blades

with a length of 57m, a total height of 200m.


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Hydraulic storage system expandable to seasonal storage.

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